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Let There Be Rock

Dirty Deeds – Absolute Tribute to AC/DC

In the year 2000 it was decided to make the switch to a tribute act honoring AC/DC. There remains only one reason for this choice and it is pure joy in performing this honest, blue collar, straight ahead rock and roll. Deeds took this standpoint at the beginning and feel they've managed to stay true to the principal.

They have claimed the title “Absolute Tribute to AC/DC" and rightfully so because few have taken homage to this level. Paying tribute demands attention to detail both within the music and beyond. From signature instruments and clothes to stage props and pyrotechnics, from countless hours of rehearsal to studying all sources of the appropriate audio and video footage, it becomes a constant honing process. It all boils down to dedication and if you've ever seen them live you know they have it in spades.

Their fourteen year journey has been about paying dues and gaining notable experience, precisely why it is time for Deeds to forge ahead. Two life size working cannons, a helluva "Hells Bell" and even "Big Rosie" now join them onstage. Combined with these, a built to scale back line wall of Marshall amps help deliver an impressive presentation.

"I tell you folks it’s harder than it looks" - Bon Scott

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"I have had the pleasure of seeing AC/DC live in concert and I couldn't help but think, I've seen this show before... Dirty Deeds is the real deal, they are the ultimate tribute to one of the greatest rocks bands of all time."
Ann MacGregor

Tour Dates